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Gutter, Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

Our roofline cleaning services include cleaning out and washing down of gutters, fascias and soffit boards, including pine ends (apex) of buildings. Using reach and wash equipment or MEWPS machinery we can reach & clean stubborn, baked on dirt, grime a and organic growth. We can also handle minor repairs such as replacing broken brackets and fixing holes in gutter lengths. This service is offered to commercial and domestic properties, covering Cardiff, Newport & Merthyr Tydfil areas.

With the help of pressure washing, we can restore your driveways, patios, decks and stone floors to their former glory. We use a special patio cleaning detergent that helps us to achieve results of the highest standard. Extra care is taken not to blast away grout or sand. We can also replace grout and kiln dried sand on request.

Gutter Cleaning

At Cross Cleaning Services, we offer commercial and domestic window cleaning services. We can arrange a one-off, monthly or quarterly plan for you, depending on your requirements. We use both reach and wash and traditional methods to achieve perfect results. We also wash window frames to provide a quality finish.

Conservatory Cleaning

Over time, dirt, dust, moss and algae can build up on a conservatory roof. This can contribute to the degrading of rubbers and seals. Using a light detergent and some elbow grease, we can transform your roof to a like new condition. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Chemical render cleaning

Over time, render can have a build-up of moss and algae. This leaves green, red and black stains on your render which make the building  an eyesore! 
By washing down the surface of your render with specific chemicals/ detergents, then washed off using low pressure (soft wash) you can see how it can be restored, making the property look like new.

Cladding cleaning

Over time, dirt, moss and algae can build-up on your cladding, making it look discolored and worn. Using a light detergent, we are able to restore your cladding back to its former glory before it causes permanent marking.  
Maintenance can prolong the life span of your cladding and protect the property from weather conditions & nesting wildlife. 

Internal window cleaning

We offer internal window cleaning for commercial and residential properties. Carried out at less regular intervals, internal window cleaning gets rid of dust, dirt and grime, particularly in kitchens! Pets and children can leave marks and smudges which are difficult to remove. Using traditional window cleaning methods, we can make the inside of your windows shine as much as the outside! We of course take care not to damage or mark any of your household items.